Domain Showcase – Massage.TV

This Is The First Showcase Of A .TV Name – To Kind Of Illustrate What We Intend To Do With It Or What The Opportunity Is. 

When I Was Recovering From Basically Occult Medical Torture In Australia. I Tripped Across A Website Called Cherry.TV. 

The Things That Got Me Most Excited About The Site Were The Domain. Stu Wuvs A Good .TV.

And I Liked The Web Build. Looked Sleek. I Probably Knocked A Few Out At The Time. But Generally Speaking. 

I Don’t Really Like Live Webcams When It Comes To That Type Of Media. I Generally Don’t View That Site Now.

But Still I Love Seeing What People Do With .TV

We Have Massage.TV In Our Portfolio.

It’s Kind Of Hard To Conceive What Could Be Done With That.

But Because I Like Taking On Advanced Technology Projects.

Id Love To Be Able To Try A Project Where You Can Offer Women Remote Massage Work. Where The Customer Puts Like A Technology Suit On. And The Masseuse Delivers Massages Remotely.

Even Sexually Oriented Massages Like Prostate Or Hand Jobs All Remotely Via Technology Suit. 

Thats Kind Of The Concept.

It Would Allow Women To Work With Additional Layers Of Security In A Work Type That Is Both Useful For Health And Can Be Profitable. With Massage Workers Even In Areas Like Traditional Siamese Massage, Making Good Hourly Rates In The West.

We Keep These Domains Available For Negotiation. 

But A Day May Come Where If I Feel The Technology Is Available, We May Take On The Project Ourselves.