Television.Domains Is Doing Over 100 Visits A Day

So We Launched Television Domains Just A Week Or So Ago. 

Im Not Running GA, I Don’t Use It Anymore.

But I Run A Couple Of Analytics Packages In WordPress.

The Stats We Had On Dan Showed Many Names Getting Traffic Every Day.

The Other Interesting Thing.

I Have Installed Some Security Plugins To Try And Reduce Bot Traffic.

But At The End Of The Day.

I Don’t Run Analytics On Decoded Light Or Divine Decodes.

But I Know Everything We Say There Is Acknowledged. 

So In Some Respects Bot Traffic Is Not Irrelevant. 

You Will Find If You Own A Quality. TV, People Are Going To Want To Know Who Owns It And What The Are Saying.

So Getting Scraped By Bots Is Not All Together Negative. Because That May Be Automated Content Analysis.

But Still We Are Trying To Get A Grasp Of Type In Vs Bot Traffic.

Again, If You Want You Voice To Be Heard, Building On A Prominent Juncture On The Web It’s Just A Starting Point.

It Doesn’t Guarantee Success. But It’s A Stronger Position.  

So To Launch A Project And Be Getting 100 Visits A Day Right Off The Bat Over 30000 A Year Speaks Of The Importance Of Domains. I Guess I Have To Think About How To Better Leverage The Project Not Just For Sales But Also For Communications.

The Next Piece We Will Be Doing On Television Domains Is Taking A Look At Some Of The Dimensions Of The .TV Registry. 

And Then Im Going To Do Some Showcase Posts On Names And Their Potential Use.

Coming Over The Next Few Weeks.